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The ABA-EPA Law Office Climate Challenge:  The American Bar Association (ABA) Section of Environment, Energy and Resources (SEER), in cooperation with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is pleased to present the ABA-EPA Law Office Climate Challenge (Climate Challenge). The Climate Challenge is designed to encourage law offices to take specific steps to conserve energy and resources, as well as reduce emissions of greenhouse gases - which cause global climate change - and other pollutants. The ABA Law Practice Management Section (LPM) is co-sponsoring this initiative.  Law offices may meet the Climate Challenge by participating in one or more of three EPA partnership (i.e., voluntary) programs, or by simply undertaking certain office management "best practices:"  Click Here for more details.

ABA Article "FYI - Going Green":  Click Here

Waster Wise:   Click Here

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design® (LEED®) - Click Here  What is LEED®The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System™ is the nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction, and operation of high performance green buildings. LEED gives building owners and operators the tools they need to have an immediate and measurable impact on their buildings’ performance. LEED promotes a whole-building approach to sustainability by recognizing performance in five key areas of human and environmental health: sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials selection, and indoor environmental quality.

Integrated Waste Management – Orange County 
This company owns and operations the landfills in Orange County and their website has many useful tips on recycling.

Waste Management – Keeping Orange County Clean: http://www.wmorangecounty.com/ This site contains a wealth of information on recycling programs and links to other recycling-related resources in OC.

Earth 911 – Helping Business Help the Environment: According to the organization, Environmental Defense Fund, the average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper each year. Over 30% of the U.S. waste stream is paper. To assist small to medium sized businesses with their recycling efforts, Earth 911 has put together guidelines for implementing a paper recycling program in your office (including recycling of toner cartridges, aluminum cans, etc.). Incorporate this recycling program in your office today – type in this link to get more nformation: http://california.earth911.org/master.asp?s=lib&a=brrc/RecyclingGuide.asp

Sustainable Development International Corporation (SDIC): www.smartoffice.com SDIC helps governments, companies and other organizations become more ecologically sustainable. They have great information on “greening” your business, home or workplace and “green purchasing” for your office. They also recently published a book, “Green Business: A Five-Part Model for Creating an Environmentally Responsible Company” by Amy Townsend, Ph.D.

Beaches  911: http://www.earth911.org/waterquality/default.asp?cluster=6059 This site has information on the current water quality in the Orange County area, as well as statistics and resources for recycling programs in your area.

Coastal Clean-Up Day: http://www.coastal.ca.gov/publiced/ccd/ccd.html  Type in this link to learn more about the OC-ALA Coastal Clean-Up CCW project.

Article in the Legal Times – Week of June 25, 2007 – Special Law Firm Administration Report on Nixon Peabody’s SF Office Going Green http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=law+firms+going+green

 For more information about the session “Green Law Firms: Building a Sustainable Future”from ALA’s 2007 Annual Conference in Las Vegas, click on the following link:  http://www.alanet.org/conf/monday.html.


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