Certified Legal Manager (CLM)

ALA’s voluntary Certified Legal Manager (CLM)SM program was developed in order to provide legal administrators with an opportunity to demonstrate a command of the core areas of knowledge identified as essential to the effective performance of a principal administrator. Certified Legal Managers are recognized as administrators who have met the work experience requirement, displayed a commitment to continuing education and passed a comprehensive examination.  

By obtaining the CLMSM designation, you will:  

Distinguish yourself among your peers
Be identified as a consummate professional
Help ensure a positive reputation as a qualified legal administrator
Demonstrate proficiency in today’s most sought after skills

Our Chapter is proud of the following members who have achieved this designation:

Mark A. Bridgeman, CLM
Sheri A. Clifton, CLM
Marjorie A. Doyle, CLM

Judith A. Finnegan, CLM
Carolyn France, CLM

Kathie Jackson, CLM

Theresa J. Lawrence, CLM
Steven M. Morris, CLM

Stacy E. Morrison, CLM 

Lisa L. Neitzel, CLM
Janel M. Ozar, CLM

Marilyn O. Phillipp, CLM

Janet G. Proudfoot, CLM

Wendi Rice-Isaacs, CLM

Brian A. Robbins, CLM

Donna Smith, CLM
Cynthia S. Statsmann, CLM 
Donna S. Tsuma, CLM 
W. James Van Dusen, CLM

Amy Wright, CLM
Marcia A. Zigrang, CLM


Go to ALA's CLM Homepage for more information and an application package. 

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