The Association of Legal Administrators (ALA), along with the support of eight other co-sponsoring organizations, designated October 3-7, 2011, as International Professional Legal Management Week (PLMW)SM.

The objectives of International Professional Legal Management WeekSM include:

  • to provide awareness, understanding and education about the legal management profession;
  • to increase knowledge of the diverse roles within the profession; and
  • to communicate to stakeholders, and others, the importance and need for a professional management team in all facets of enterprise leadership.

“The week provides a forum for recognizing those in legal management (not just administrators, but all on the law firm management team) for what they do and the role they play in the success of the organization, and in its service to its clients and those who work in the organization,” said John J. Michalik, ALA Executive Director.

For more information on International Professional Legal Management WeekSM, visit

The following is a list of the additional eight co-sponsors of PLMWSM:

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